Advocacy gone #PunkRock


Makin’ creative this morning on the new venture ‪#‎AmericanBadassAdvocates‬ — Peer-led Initiatives for Neurodiversity.

Now that I’m in a steady space of recovery — time to re-join the awareness movement and help transform it back into a civil rights movement about acceptance, inclusion and embrace neurodiversity.

Breaks my heart that so many parents don’t know how much hope there is for autism and one of the greatest handicaps is to be made to think we need a cure from birth onward. It feels like society thinks if we’re less able to be like them then our lives must be miserable. If we aren’t able to speak then we must want to be cured. That the only outcome is a lifetime of dependence and misery.

Yes, there is misery with having autism — and for me that’s struggling to blend in and be understood. … Being treated as less than because I’m different and have different ways of socializing and interacting with the world.

In a recent, now-finished campaign, I found it odd that some folks think I’m suddenly autistic because I “just” mentioned it. Well, I typically don’t go around telling the world I have brown eyes either. Not personally interesting subject unless I’m at Ulta in the Urban Decay aisles. This is my every day life … I’m still surprised by the interest of what I think mundane and learning to understand that it might be helpful to others.

A friend of mine explained it so I understood — It’s like having teal eyes in a world of brown-eyed folks. Teal is every day to you — and something spectacular to them. They’ve never seen it before.


Goodness, some odd responses I received were I wasn’t autistic enough if a cure was not wanted. (Not autistic enough? Whatever that means …) Well, I never heard someone want to be cured of being neurotypical … so I find it incredibly odd to be told to want to be something other than I am, autistic.

Living with a severe mental condition was not my every day life. It is something I live with now every. single. day. Autism is more like being born into a unique culture and with its own visual language and community.


We need you to meet us where we’re at … Accept us for who we are … Our “normal” is not necessarily your “normal.” There is a community that has formed since the first wave of the “autism epidemic’ … those kids are grownups now … and it is a spectrum, like every other person’s abilities, and reason for hope.

And now, there’s a movement for mental diversity as well — and breaking the stigma of living with a mental condition. That recovery is possible — and that recovery is self-defined.

What we need you to know is there is hope.


People with autism lead worthy lives. Folks with mental conditions lead worthy lives.

Celebrate Neurodiversity — acceptance and inclusion. ‪#‎WeAreWorthy‬

To highlight the acceptance movement, #AmericanBadassAdvocates officially supports our first campaign … the ‪#‎REDinstead‬ campaign.

More info on that coming soon (or give it a google in the mean time.  )

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