AmericanBadassAdvocates Support #REDinstead, a neurodiversity movement


The Autism Women’s Network is hosting the advocacy campaign #REDinstead to highlight the failures of Light It Up Blue. The folks behind this campaign are peers and write from a native experience.

One of my favorite parts from: Your Autism Awareness Has Failed by  Amy Sequenzia:

Autism Awareness divides us in a “good” group, which is promptly ignored and dismissed as not really Autistic, and a “bad” group – people like me who need extensive supports – which is promptly dismissed as too damaged and not sentient enough to be heard.” …

Yeah, I’ve heard that one before. I’m still shocked.

So guess what?! We’re going to be taking online advocacy ‪#‎punkrock‬ and peer-led. Fuck this stigma. Time for #peervoice to rock the bandwidth. ❤

So, iffin you feel compelled, show your support to this writer, this cause and the sites supporting them. Let them know you got their back with stigma-busting advocacy in the comments and sharing personal stories to help break the stigma.

And if you’re a peer smacking your forehead about this time of year — hang in there peeps. Perhaps there should be a countdown clock to when this month is over? 😉

If you’re supporting this campaign too — please holler in the comments. I want to check it out!

12705315_10153327322657823_6287319311329496564_nI Support #REDinstead


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