‘Glee’s’ Lauren Potter speaks out against bullying



By Genevieve Hinson, MotherOfConfusion/Eve Hinson Quirkybirdwords.com.

(originally pub’d Mar 22nd 2011)

Glee’s Lauren Potter wants you to end the use of the “R” word. Recently Potter, who is known as Becky Jackson on the show – Sue Sylvester’s (Jane Lynch) assistant cheerleader — stepped into a brighter spotlight as an ambassador to help those with special needs with the “Disable Bullying” campaign.

It’s no secret that bullying is an issue with today’s kids. What’s surprising is that no one’s talking about the largest demographic of children who experience abuse and hate speech by their peers — children with special needs. They’re two to three times more likely to be victims of teasing, name calling, physical abuse and online attacks. That’s 50 to 80 percent of special needs children being bullied. Unfortunately, bystanders often stay quiet. Up to 85 percent watch and, even if they want to, don’t say or do…

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