Meme: Meet American Badass Cally

Meet ‪#‎AmericanBadass‬ Cally — though she tells me her super advocate hero name is Punk Rock Pearl — Anyhow, we’re still working that one out (she wants a cape) … Mz. Cally is awesome, loves to play fetch, hide the cat’s toys and snuggle. She also has a neurological condition that looks like Tourette Syndrome.

Cally wants kids out there with neurodiverse conditions like hers to know that they are awesome too — we are far more similar than we are different and, with advocacy, acceptance and inclusion will be widespread. Hang in there.‪#‎staystrong‬

OK, Cally is making me post this …

“Normal is boring.” – Punk Rock Pearl, American Badass Advocate

‪#‎neurodiversity‬ ‪#‎americanbadassadvocates‬ ‪#‎punkrockpearl‬ ‪#‎mzcally‬‪#‎weareworthy‬ ‪#‎REDinstead‬



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