Snapchat Diaries: Everyday Lives of the Neurodiverse (May 17-ish.2016)

abadailysnapImageSnapchat Diaries: May 17-ish.2016

The one where Abby asks her mom, American Badass Founder Eve, why the middle finger is bad. Eve answers, and then has to explain which finger means #fuckyou in Spanish.

American Badass Rhonda reminds Eve just in time of a media appointment they needed to attend … which meant of course, Eve had to dress fabulousssss. #NeurodiverseFashion

Rhonda catches Eve unaware on Periscope (@addictandliar); and Eve introduces her new art piece “When The Body Lied” — the next in the The Space Between series.


American Badass Advocates Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Rhonda Wirzberger. (below) She makes stuff happen. Yup!

Find #AmericanBadassAdvocates everywhere:


Snapchat: Eve @ Quirkybirdwords, Rhonda @addictandliar

Periscope: @AddictandLiar

Instagram: Eve @QuirkyBirdWords

Twitter: Eve @Quirkybirdwords, Rhonda @AddictandLiar

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