Welcome New American Badass Contributor, Tanner Resendez!



So excite1061_439766719392899_1528621958_nd to share our first American Badass Advocate in The Wilds: Tanner Resendez.

Tanner is a music producer under the alias Lyte FireFairy in the Dark Electro Acts Lyte and Acid Fairy. He lives with Borderline Personality Disorder and psychosis with flare ups of PTSD.

Tanner will be sharing about his life with American Badass Advocates this next year to help raise awareness and fight the stigma of being neurodiverse. You can get to know more about Tanner on his Youtube Channel, Mystery School of Light, right now.

Rhonda, American Badass Advocates Co-Founder & Managing Partner, and I will be meeting up with Tanner again in Northern California in a couple of weeks for an intimate interview of his interests, history  and how living with a neurodiverse brain influences his life.

Thank you so much Tanner for being badass! ❤

Eve Hinson | American Badass Advocates Founder & Editor-in-Chief





Connect with Tanner!

Periscope: FairyLyte

Twitter: FairyLyte

Facebook: Mystery School of Light

Facebook: Acid Fairy

YouTube: Mystery School of Light

Bandcamp: Acid Fairy

Soundcloud: Acid Fairy

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