#TheReal5150 Take a Stand to #STOPClovisStigma

neurodiversityCalling all #AmericanBadasses

Will #THEREAL5150 please stand up: I have borrowed a laptop to work on today and am creating a private advocacy group on Facebook in support of the proposed behavioral hospital in Clovis.

YOUR VOICE, SUPPORT, PERSONAL STORIES, ANYTHING you can do to help break stigma and help this community would be incredible online, in person, at the meeting — talking to your friends to help break stigma.

Hey, 51 Fifty Energy Drink – Want to help us break stigma here in the Valley and rally community support that helps #TheReal5150, their families, loved ones and more? We need all the help we can get. Please join me and my peers.

#StopClovisSTIGMA: STIGMA in CLOVIS is brutal. BRUTAL.

The Clovis City Council meeting that votes on this is October 17 @ 6pm.

If you’d like to participate and advocate with us, please holler on Facebook or direct message me on facebook to be added to the group. (
#weareworthy of quality care in our community. #eachmindmatters

#americanbadassadvocates and #thereal5150 take a stand. We are humans too.

#mentalillness #behavioral #advocate #punkrock #love #community


Lotsa loveeee to our sponsors!❤❤❤

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