#TheReal5150 | 51 Fifty CEO Has Face-to-Face With #TheReal5150 Advocates

on JUNE 26, 2015]

(Re-posted with permission via Anon.)

Just over two weeks ago, Eve Hinson of quirkybirdwords.wordpress.com, founder of #TheReal5150 awareness campaign, was contacted by Carlos Vieira, the CEO of 51 Fifty Energy Drink, to set up a meeting to “clear up misconceptions.” This afternoon, Eve and I met with him and the company’s general manager.

Our goals presented during the meeting were:

  1. Have the company rebrand its offensive and stigma promoting name and slogan, “Live the Madness” while still promoting their edgy lifestyle.
  2. Encourage greater transparency of the Carlos Vieira Foundation with respect to its relationship with 51 Fifty Energy Drink.
  3. Gather information about how the foundation and company conduct business.
  4. Recommend the foundation publish an annual report with audited financial statements, program activities and results, and details of fundraising activities including a list of major donors.

We came away from the meeting with a far worse taste in our mouth for the drink company and the foundation than we had going into the meeting. We shook hands at the start of the meeting, but not at the end. We agreed to disagree and there is a lot to disagree on.

More time is required to process today’s discussion and results, but we wanted to let those following the campaign and the progress toward our goals know of this important event.


Lotsa loveeee to our sponsors!❤❤❤




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