#TheReal5150: A Bad Day and the inspiration behind #TheReal5150

Eve Hinson | American Badass Advocates Founder

on APRIL 21, 2015]

So wasn’t feeling the positivity earlier today after a flashback overload. To be concise I triggered. When that happens I walk. And walk. And walk some more.

I do my best to mind my own while burning off anxiety and stay silent , because let’s face it on a good day I have no idea what’s coming out of my mouth.

Usually it’s the truth … Untempered.

This moment proved to be the same … So to the guy in his work van, when you looked up from you phone(red light) and saw this multi-hued hair gal flip you off and say, “assholes,” it wasn’t personal. It was meant for the company you work for and their marketing campaign.

Kickin’ at the river was tonic, but hours later I still think the same. No, not quite the whole truth. I think your company is a fucking asshole to market other folks pain for monetary gain.



Lotsa loveeee to our sponsors!❤❤❤

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