#TheReal5150: Stigma-Busting Campaign Gets TV News Coverage in Sacramento


13179225_279458242391297_6379488079141312416_n[Originally p on MAY 15, 2015]

Link to Video: 51Fifty: Mental Health Advocates Decry Energy Drink’s Name

Advocate. Advocate. Advocate. Never know how far the ripple will go when working hard to break stigma.

I’m stunned. Just received this link about a news story in Sacramento talking about ‪#‎TheReal5150‬ — and how 51 Fifty Energy Drink is offensive to those of us with brain illnesses. On that newscast they mention some Twitter flack about the name and then show my tweets.

The company did not return a call for a response to the choice of name CBS Sacramento reported.
See folks — I’m here to tell you, ‪#‎WeAreWorthy‬, ‪#‎EachMindMatters‬ and together we can ‪#‎BreakTheStigma‬ of mental illness.

Love you. Thank you for all of your support here, in person, and every way else possible.

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