Call-To-Action: Call Your Senators To Stop Avonte’s Law (via ASAN)


Call-to-Action via Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) 

Tracking device advocates are flooding Senator Schumer’s office tonight asking him to push out Kevin and Avonte’s Law TONIGHT – which funds tracking devices for kids with disabilities. Just days ago, the House added language that would allow the police to use these tracking devices even outside the context of missing-persons cases. The House language would also scrap critical community-policing grants that benefit low-income communities and communities of color.

We need to make clear that we will never accept this assault on our civil rights and on the safety of our communities. Call Senator Schumer and your Senators NOW and tell him not to pass Avonte’s Law!

Senator Schumer’s office is (202) 224-6542. Find your own Senator’s contact info at

Script: “I, [Name], from [State], oppose Avonte’s Law. It would violate our privacy and take away funding for important community safety programs. Thank you for taking the time to hear from me.”

If you can’t call, you can ask someone to call on your behalf, or email Schumer and your Senators using their contact information here:

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