Holiday Tips for Autistics (The Adult Variety)


Holiday tips for Autistics | 8 Ways You Can Support an Autistic Adult Through the Holidays

Ways to support an Autistic:

  1. Ask. Don’t assume
  2. Don’t be offended
  3. Give me extra time
  4. Don’t expect eye contact
  5. Choose sensory friendly environments
  6. Don’t change plans last minute
  7. Tell me specifically
  8. Offer to drive and/or shop for me

Read full article here on Auptima Press.

For Autistics


>> Living Well Holiday Survival Guide

“Just sit out the holidays? … Some of us do, of course, while others either don’t have that option or genuinely want to be a part of holiday activities.” – Auptima Press

>> Holiday Survival Stress Gauge

>> Living Well Blog | Holiday Guide

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