ASAN: 2017 Autism Campus Inclusion (ACI) Summer Leadership Academy Registration Now Open

neurodiversityThe Autistic Self Advocacy Network is now accepting applications for the 2017 Autism Campus Inclusion (ACI) Summer Leadership Academy.

The ACI Summer Leadership Academy prepares autistic students for disability advocacy at their colleges.

Students who are accepted will travel to Washington, DC and participate in advocacy training from June 10th to June 17th, 2017.

ACI participants learn about making student groups, understanding disability policy, and talking to people in the government. ASAN pays for travel and rooms for all Academy students.

Find out more and download and application here.


“I thought that to be a leader you had to have a certain kind of personality – and that is one I didn’t have. That was in part because of the internalized ableism …

“I didn’t think that I, as someone with a disability, could change anything…

“I’ve learned how to effectively communicate about issues and causes I want to fight for … I’ve realized there isn’t any use in being silent about it … and I’m going get fulfillment by speaking out and advocating for what I believe.”


Previous Participants Said …

  • Made them feel confident
  • Helped in recognizing their identity
  • Learned they did have a sense of humor
  • Bonded with people and didn’t feel like an outsider
  • Helped in personal growth in defining strengths and areas needed to grow

Also …

  • Learned history of the disability rights movement
  • Met with organizations devoted to expanding disability rights
  • Learned how to put together a small like organization on college campuses
  • Traveled to D.C. and spoke to leaders

Find out more and download and application here.

Note: To apply, send finished application by Sunday, February 19th, 2017 to Reid Caplan at
If you need help with the application, or have questions about ACI, email Reid Caplan at


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