Autistics Against Autism Speaks | A Civil Rights Movement | Ep. 1

i-am-not-a-puzzle-i-am-a-personIn 2005 Autism Speaks was founded to find a “cure” for Autism. The organization launched a massive wave of Fear Porn-styled advertising to raise an incredible amount of money in a very short amount of time.

#fact | Autism is a brain neurotype – not a disease. It can’t be cured.

#fact | The only “cure” for Autism is a genetic-marker test during pregnancy.  This would result in the same “cure” society has for Down Syndrome: Abortion.

#fact | The only other “cure” for Autism would be complete human extinction.

#fact | The largest portion of Autism Speaks donations were funneled into research. Only 4% went to supporting existing Autistic children and families. Autism Speaks, until October 2016, main goal was genocide.

This video is an attempt to more clearly portray and explain through authentic Autistic Voices the true history of our people in the shadow of the Autism Speaks machine.

(Autistic Advocates in Video | IDK (ISO ), streamofawarenessAmy SequenzaAutism Women’s Network (AWN)Moromillas Radec, Roxas @ Keyblade Knightsrachelkeslensky, Zoe KirkAlex McTyreKeyblade KnightsASDheroElesia AshkenazyElliot McQueen,  Amythest Schaber, The Supreme SkepticKeyblade)




[00:15] Intro | Autistics voice their displeasure, disgust and anger at Autism Speaks and the impact they’ve had on the Autistic community since founded.

[01:00] Focus on Autism Speaks founders, Bob and Suzanne Wright, and their connection to Autism, and the enormous amount of media attention and money they were able to raise in a short amount of time to “find a cure.”

IMG_2086[02:13] #AutisticVoice |  Autistics share how Autism Speaks “touched their life” on the 10 year anniversary of the organization. Autistics use words like dehumanized, stigmatized, marginalized and genocide to describe the experience.

[03:21] #AutisticVoice | The Autism Speaks commercial, “I am Autism,” angered the Autistic community. Advocate Roxas shares reactions  while watching it for the first time. It doesn’t end pretty.


Unfortunately, this first-time awakening to Autism Speaks and the true horror of their ad campaigns (and ultimate goal) has become an Autistic rite-of-passage.


[09:29] #AutisticVoice | Before you donate to Autism Speaks consider the facts: very little goes towards Autistic people and families, talks about us without us. Autism Speaks uses fundraising strategies to promote fear, stigma and prejudice against Autistic people, and aren’t financially responsible.

[9:45] #AutisticVoice | You can’t cure Autism. It’s a neurotype and developmental disability. You’re born Autistic. The only cure is a test for a genetic-marker that can be found during pregnancy to give the option of abortion.



[10:17] Autism Speaks founder, Suzanne Wright, highlights the financial burden Autism has on the nation, and on families, friends, neighbors. (Also, the cringing “Autism unmentionables.”) Wright goes to D.C. and demands a National Plan to fight autism.

[12:16] Autism Speaks launches more Fear Porn-styled marketing. According to the organization Autism will cost the nation $137 billion a year. Autism is more than the individual — it’s parents, family, friends, teachers and store clerks.

If just one Autistic touches the lives of 20 people — 1.4 billion worldwide are contaminated.

Autism Speaks has donated over $200 million to research.



“Why don’t we have a National Plan?” 

“The crisis is upon us, so wake up Washington, we will not be ignored. Let us answer the national crisis like we do hurricanes, tornadoes and floods together. “

— Suzanne Wright, Co-Founder of Autism Speaks.


[12:59] #AutisticVoice #AuthenticAdvocacy | Autism Speaks doesn’t include any Autistics on the board or in decision-influencing positions. On the board are people who promoted the fallacy that vaccines caused Autism.

[13:27] John Elder Robison, author of “Look Me In The Eye,” was the only Autistic of standing and he resigned in 2013, after Autism Speaks called for a National Plan.


“Mrs. Wright’s op-ed articulates a view of the ‘autism situation’ that is very different from my own.

“She says things I would never say to people with autism and cannot in good conscience stand by.

Given her role as leader of the organization, I am afraid it is my signal to exit the Autism Speaks stage.”

John Elder Robison, Author of “Look Me In The Eye.”

[14:15] #AutisticVoice | Is Autism Speaks a Hate Group? 


“I know they are hateful.

“I know they don’t like Autistics.

“I know they use most of their resources to convince people that the world would be a better place without us, and actually using the money to fund research that can make our extinction possible.”

— Amy Sequenzia, Autism Women’s Network

[15:41] #AutisticVoice | #AutisticAndProud #BoycottAutismSpeaks. Autistics created a group called Autistic Self Advocacy Network. Together, Autistics work for civil rights (#boycottAutismSpeaks), protest disability prejudice and get involved in national issues. #nothingaboutuswithoutus

neurodiversity“You need to say no to Autism Speaks and their cure.

You need to say no to their message of hate and otherness.”

—  Amythest Schaber, Ask an Autistic

“Autism doesn’t need a cure. Ignorance and stupidity does.” —  ASDhero

“The ‘I Am Autism’ video called us a burden on society. That’s very damaging for Autistic people who are trying to get integrated into society, trying to find jobs, trying to form relationships.

We don’t want people to be scared of us.”

– Elesia Ashkenazy, ASAN Portland

[18:45] Autism Speaks No Longer Seeking Cure | 


[19:03] #SupportAutisticVoice | Support Autism organizations that support Autistic people.








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