Example Letter Sent By AmericanBadassAdvocates to Sponsors


I’m Eve Hinson, Autistic Founder of AmericanBadassAdvocates.org. Our goal is peer-led initiatives for neurodiversity.

The past two years the focus has been on #TheReal5150 campaign to break institutionalized stigma of severe mental illness — specifically against the brand 51Fifty Energy Drink “Live the Madness.” https://americanbadassadvocates.org/thereal5150-origin/

That social media protest campaign inspired and launched AmericanBadassAdvocates.org last year.

Now we’re joining the Autistic Civil Rights movement and (always the plan) #BoycottAutismSpeaks and seeking support in sharing facts and real Autistic voices.

Please discontinue your donation support of Autism speaks, and support authentic #AutisticVoice. Actual Autistics #BoycottAutismSpeaks. #REDinstead

 Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Eve Hinson



Autistics Against Autism Speaks | A Civil Rights Movement

In 2005 Autism Speaks was founded to find a “cure” for Autism. The organization launched a massive wave of Fear Porn-styled advertising to raise an incredible amount of money in a very short amount of time.

#fact | Autism is a brain neurotype – not a disease. It can’t be cured. #AutisticandProud

#fact | The only “cure” for Autism is a genetic-marker test during pregnancy.  This would result in the same “cure” society has for Down Syndrome: Abortion. This will lead to Autistic Genocide. #WeAreWorthy #NotBetterDeadThanDisabled

#fact | The only other “cure” for Autism would be complete human extinction.

#fact | The largest portion of Autism Speaks donations were funneled into research. Only 4% went to supporting existing Autistic children and families. Autism Speaks, until October 2016, main goal was genocide. Now the language has been changed to “solutions.” #supportnotcure

#fact | Autism Speaks refuses Autistics to participate in leadership and have zero Autistics on their board. #nothingaboutuswithoutus

This video is an attempt to more clearly portray and explain through authentic Autistic Voices the true history of our people in the shadow of the Autism Speaks machine.


Blog post: https://americanbadassadvocates.org/2017/01/13/autistics-against-autism-speaks-a-civil-rights-movement-ep-1/

YouTube video: https://youtu.be/YLJsuEqRCCw

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