American Badass in the Wilds | Ep. 1: Tanner Resendez (aka Home Sweet Hell)

Tanner introduces himself during a time of turmoil and abuse.

1061_439766719392899_1528621958_nHe faces housing instability, overwhelming poverty and a family who doesn’t recognize he lives with a severe mental illness: borderline personality disorder with psychotic features.

“I talk and speak with things that other people can’t see, and they don’t tell me bad things.

I’m not that unlucky.”

— Tanner Resendez, American Badass Advocate in the Wild

Tanner has agreed to share his experience and life journey here in a vlog, as the first American Badass Advocate in the Wilds. His journey includes goals for stability, health and peace.

In this episode, Tanner’s under-aged, belligerent brother crashes their dad’s house with four friends. All of them drunk. It gets ugly, Tanner gets hurt and the police become involved.



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