#NormalAutisticHere | Sesame Street’s Julia Humanizes Autistics, and Some Folks Hate That

By Eve Hinson, Badass Founder & Contributor | AmericanBadassAdvocates.org >> @badassadvocate | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Tumblr

Autistics shouldn’t be seen as humans on children’s TV (or be seen at all it unless it’s in a photo to accompany doomsday-styled statistics) according to some assholes quoted on  Rawstory.com today.

Hero866x800_MeetJulia_v02Those-who-will-not-be-named-here are  talking shit about our girl, Julia. Our cute as a button, orange hair and bright-colored outfit girl integrating in the Sesame Street world.

This isn’t the first time such horrible things have been said in response to #ActualAutismAcceptance. It’s a cycle and one that is continuing now that the world can finally see Autistics in a non-threatening, non-violent and approachable manner.

Julia was described in this article as “yet another sickening example of the absolute mental derangement of modern society.”

Another quote shared similar sentiment.

“I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought this!! I was like why in the world is everyone celebrating this?!!” posted #AbleistPerson.

“Normalize autism! It’s not normal, it’s cruel that vax companies help cause this and then it’s oh this is normal.”

#NormalAutisticHere (Can’t believe I just used that fucking word)

imagesNote: Not a single #ActuallyAutistic was quoted hating on Julia in the story – just a bunch of jerks who think our  brains are diseased and need to be cured or caused by vaccines, an outright and proven lie.

This sub-culture of neurotypical folks think they represent authentic Autistic voice. Why? Because they are a parent, family member or loved one of an Autistic person. Their relationship and challenges raising that child makes them feel qualified to be their spokesperson. They misguidedly attempt to represent Autistic people.

It gets far more fucked up than that. This type goes on to ignore us, belittle us, tell us we’re too high-functioning to have a voice, too low-functioning to have a voice and generally none of us can possibly know what’s in our own best interest. We are expected to sit back and let them advocate for us. There is also a belief (an obsession perhaps?) that vaccinations are the cause of this “heinous disease.” Every other reality of Autistic life and community is rejected.  And it’s rejected fiercely.


Let’s not forget the ridiculous fight about a “cure” for Autism.  It’s frustrating that most don’t understand yet, the cure for autism is identifying a genetic marker to give people a choice to end the pregnancy.  Abortion has always been “the cure” and $220 million was donated to find that cure via Autism Speaks.

Now, this isn’t an argument against abortion. It’s an argument against Autistic Genocide. This is an argument that our lives are worthy and we’re NOT #BetterDeadThanDisabled.

This is an argument against funneling money out of our communities to fund the impossible cure, and letting our people survive without supports and services. These folks ignore that these kids grow up — and no we don’t “grow out of it.”

Many of us want to seek higher education, employment, safe and secure housing. We want proper supports for all Autistics from childhood education, transitional age services, sustainable employment opportunities, supported independent living to realistic Adult-geared guides on socializing safely. All Autistics deserve to live a good-quality life.

This is an argument about how these groups continue to vilify Autistics as an apocalypse on society.

Autistics are human. We are people. And we are worthy of life.We are worthy of liking our life too.Here’s something else those folks should note:

There have always been Autistics. There will always be Autistics.

Thank your fucking technology that we are here and we exist.

The very tools these folks use to communicate, to spread their inaccurate information, to army-build followers and activists were invented by . . . oh get this . . .

wait for it . . .


Shut up, right? If you don’t believe it – Google Alan Turing.  Also, maybe give thanks to his invention for living in a Hitler-free world too. That’s just one Autistic and his positive impact.

So Autistics have a rich history ( also an ostracized history filled with suicide and death by murder ) and we are allowed to be proud of predecessor’s achievements. Hell, the whole world should be celebrating them and the incredible betterment to humanity that has resulted.

This is what all kids should be seeing — not hate, exclusion and otherness .  Autistic children deserve to be included in society, represented in our culture and seen having a positive impact on communities too.

So, Julia just came out into public on Sesame Street and already a backlash.  Something Autistics are familiar all to well. Maybe this negative can be created into a positive.

Can we set an example of support? Support for this Autistic puppet to represent support for Autistic people?

Yes, Julia’s a puppet and she needs our support. Let her, and other little Autistics that are watching, know that we got her (their) back out here. Let’s help Elmo and his friends support and advocate for Julia too.

Maybe we can take this BS and create something good.
#JuliaWeGotYourBack #AutisticandProud

#SeeAmazing #StayAmazing


Real Info on Autistics by Autistics



By Eve Hinson, Badass Founder & Contributor | AmericanBadassAdvocates.org >> @badassadvocate | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Tumblr

Eve Hinson is an Autistic activist, speaker, writer and artist. Also the founder of AmericanBadassAdvocates.org

She launched the site in April 2016 after an incredibly successful protest, #TheReal5150 campaign, against institutionalized stigma promoted in grocery stores by an energy drink.

Today she focuses on sharing her lived-experience with PTSD and Functional Neurological Disorder to law enforcement, first responders, and students. Eve has been trained by Each Mind Matters and NAMI on advocacy and how to help break the stigma of living with a severe mental illness.

She’s also a current board member for Resources for Independence Central Valley (RICV), a past board member of NAMI Fresno, and Area 8 Board California State Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Eve is a medicinal cannabis patient and advocate too.

In her previous life, she participated in the wave of technology that changed the world and loved it. It all began at fresnobee.com in 1996.


10 thoughts on “#NormalAutisticHere | Sesame Street’s Julia Humanizes Autistics, and Some Folks Hate That”

  1. I’m so happy they have julia on sesame Street .i have autism an she a girl to .like me .when I was little an watch the show .i was more severe so proubly wount none she was like me but maybe the kids in pre school would have an thst would have help .i don’t no why some don’t like her .she great

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent post. Julia is a huge step forward. I am sadly not surprised that some have reacted in the negative way you describe to her presence. There are still far too many people who have not grasped that “different” and “lesser” ARE NOT synonyms.

    Liked by 1 person

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