In this house…

Thirty Days of Autism

In this house we do acceptance ❤️
April 2017… Bring it!

Image : Text in a variety of font styles and sizes reads: “In this house we do parallel play – We give each other space – We have time to delve into our own interests – We unashamedly spend a tonne of time online – We stim like it’s nobody’s business (’cause it aint) – We love each other for our authentic selves – Because in this house we do acceptance!!” (Watermarked: Thirty Days of Autism: Leah Kelley)

Update:#IveBeenRedbubbled Eeeeee!

Check this out: you can support the Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library and get this image on a thing if you so desire…

Here is the link:

You are also welcome to print the jpeg image from this post (with attribution) for personal or professional use in home/office/classroom. ❤️


30 Days of Autismis…

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