April is autism awareness month: Day 3,  Communication

With a hop, skip and a jump

April is autism awareness month.
Day 3: Communication
Autism is primarily a social and communication disorder. It is considered that autism affects people resulting in little value seen in communicating with others, eye contact is described as ‘painful’ and making friends is difficult.

Dylan has what’s called ‘communicative intent’. Basically he wants to communicate but is unable to functionally talk.

He has strong signs of a condition in addition to his autism called verbal dyspraxia which is where the motor skills in the mouth and jaw don’t co-ordinate to produce the correct sound.

Dylan knows what he wants to say, he can understand whats being said to him so he can hear the right words being said to him but when he tries to repeat or respond there is a breakdown in the system and the sounds come out all jumbled.

It’s like this episode of Friends where Phoebe is…

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