#REDinstead | Letter to Reporter on Autism Awareness Article

Advocacy in the shape of a letter to the reporter ( shown below): Autism awareness brings dozens of Merced County families to Livingston

“Not all people understand how autistic children deal with situations, she said, and being at a public event and place where people are aware makes the day easier and carefree.

‘It’s nice especially if a child does decide to lash out,” Parent said. “Nobody gives out those looks and it’s homey, I guess.'”

“It’s nice for people in this area to see how much people are affected,” Person said.

“There’s no judgment. It’s just a fun day where nobody is going to look at them if their child starts crying.”


Good morning. I read your piece online and wanted to bring to your attention that not a single Autistic was quoted. 

The article focused on Autistic otherness, pathology and completely missed the mark on advocacy for the children. This is advocacy for their neurotypical parents to go somewhere they can feel normal while parenting an Autistic child. Everyone can go around patting each other on the back for a job well done — and the children. Where are they? No quotes? No interaction with them for this story?

What I read is just the relief the parents feel at not being judged. Where are the autistic adults? Did they bring their families too? I’m Autistic and am a mother to three — two who are Autistic. I didn’t see any represented here, either.

Autistics are judged for life — and so many right now in this transition age are being judged by their parents who lit it up blue. These kids are kicked out, going homeless, living in a world that doesn’t accept them, can’t find sustainable employment, stable and supportive housing, or acceptance while out in public. Danger from others is one of the greatest crippling featured of being Autistic. Those are just a few of our challenges.

Autistics are #REDinstead. This is a civil rights movement. This is a movement for acceptance. Awareness is a feel-good pat-on-the-back for non-Autistics, and what they are aware of is inaccurate, proven lies and promoted a :”cure culture” that funneled 200 million dollars out of our communities to research — research that is to find a genetic marker so Autism can be identified during pregnancy. Parents will be offered a choice to terminate the pregnancy. This has always been the “cure.” This cure would lead to the extinction of my people.

#REDinstead is an Autistic a civil rights movement. Please educate and familiarize yourself with Autistic culture and history. 

Eve Hinson


By Eve Hinson, Badass Founder & Contributor | AmericanBadassAdvocates.org >> @badassadvocate | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Tumblr

Eve Hinson is an Autistic activist, speaker, writer and artist. Also the founder of AmericanBadassAdvocates.org

She launched the site in April 2016 after an incredibly successful protest, #TheReal5150 campaign, against institutionalized stigma promoted in grocery stores by an energy drink.

Today she focuses on sharing her lived-experience with PTSD and Functional Neurological Disorder to law enforcement, first responders, and students. Eve has been trained by Each Mind Matters and NAMI on advocacy and how to help break the stigma of living with a severe mental illness.

She’s also a current board member for Resources for Independence Central Valley (RICV), a past board member of NAMI Fresno, and Area 8 Board California State Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Eve is a medicinal cannabis patient and advocate too.

In her previous life, she participated in the wave of technology that changed the world and loved it. It all began at fresnobee.com in 1996.


2 thoughts on “#REDinstead | Letter to Reporter on Autism Awareness Article”

  1. Excellent letter from you, though it is a pity that it was necessary to write it. It is inexcusable for an article about an event of this nature to make no reference to anyone who is actually autistic.

    Liked by 1 person

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