April is autism awareness month Day 7: Friends

With a hop, skip and a jump

April is autism awareness month

Day 7: Friends

Depression, Social anxiety, addiction, all well documented mental health disorders, are linked to and exacerbated by loneliness. Loneliness and social anxiety may be chronically intertwined, creating a vicious cycle of isolation and fear of isolation. Now throw non-verbal autism into the mix and you have a recipe for some serious potential mental health needs.

Social isolation with autism is not unusual, Dylan is socially isolated.

Now this isn’t because he isn’t at school.

When Dylan was at school he was absolutely terrified of the children he was schooled alongside.

The noise, the unpredictability and lack of compassion sometimes from children within special schools terrified Dylan.

There were known episodes of aggression and violence from other children which were put down to just being ‘one of those things’ with children with additional needs.

Please be aware that being in the company of others…

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