Stimming – it rocks!


I stim. I can’t remember when I started to stim, I must have been doing it even before I had control of my body movements, or maybe around then. Stimming comes naturally to me. I usually pretend to be NT around others (a waste of time, I know), that is, I’ve settled with standing out in a positive way.

I have no idea of when I stopped stimming in public. As we were moving, mum found some old recordings of my brother and me from preschool. I stim. A lot. I jump up and down and excitedly flap my hands as I direct all my attention to the camera. I do all of this happily. Watching this made me happy. But at one point I stopped flapping my hands in public. Instead I obsessively picked my skin, wounds and body hair in public. My parents kept telling me to…

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