The incalculable cost of denying #autisticwomen an #autism #diagnosis

Aspie Under Your Radar

I’m sorting through my autism materials collection I gathered back in 2008, when I was re-commencing my quest for autistic understanding. I’ve got a bunch of PDFs from people who were at the vanguard, back then. And I’ve got a bunch of information from now-infamous pioneers whose work has been used to hold us back and justify all sorts of things, including beatings and electric shocks.

I’m glad I’ve got a wider perspective, now. Frankly, not being able to find reliable sources of info on autism, eight years ago, was one of the things that drove me back underground, to sort things out myself.

And I’ve done pretty well. I’ve actually done really well, as I got help from someone with deep expertise in executive functioning issues, who worked with me on a weekly basis to talk through my life and figure out how to A) not beat myself up…

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