365 days of autistic blogging and silent waving

the silent wave

I have a confession to make: when I found out that the description of Asperger’s/autism fit me hand in glove, I didn’t start blogging right away.  In fact, I waited a little over a month.  I wanted to do all the pertinent research first, to rule Asperger’s/autism in, and everything else out.

I have another confession to make: I didn’t wait until I underwent a formal evaluation and received a formal diagnosis before I started writing this blog.  In fact, it would be another six months after starting it, that I would have my initial evaluation.  I blogged, as an Aspergian/autistic blogger, for a little more than six months before I finally had my formal diagnosis in hand.

But I started blogging anyway.  I even spoke in terms of “we” and “us”, because that’s how I thought of us from the git-go.

That might enrage a few people…

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5 thoughts on “365 days of autistic blogging and silent waving”

      1. Omg thank you! That means a lot coming from you because the feeling is mutual–very mutual 😁. I admire your work so very much! I’m excited to get involved, too – I know it might look like I’m dragging my feet – I promise I’m not – just trying to clear some work projects off my desk so I can give your entity the proper attention/energy 😍❤️

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