Stuck in a stim

the silent wave

Like many people on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum, I “stim”. That is to say that I engage in “stereotyped and repetitive motor movements”. That is also to say that there are certain activities I can (and often need to) do over and over again in order to help me anchor my brain, relax my nervous system, and give me something to focus on.

By engaging in these movements, I can pay closer attention to what someone is saying and better absorb its meaning. Or I can think through a complex train of thought. Or I can release my nervous energy without harming myself or anyone around me. Or I can switch from one task to another with less difficulty. Or to distract and occupy myself while waiting for someone.

You get the idea.

Each Aspergian/autistic person’s “stims” are different. What works for one may not appeal to another. And many of…

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