We Won’t Treat your Child’s Mental Health Problems – ‘they are normal in autism’

It Must Be Mum

Oh….. so that makes it ok then?

Of course not.  Yet it happens often and, it seems to me, with increasing frequency.

No one is born with an anxiety disorder.

It isn’t surprising that children with Autism are prone to mental health problems.  To start with schools are designed for neurotypical mini-adults.  They aren’t great, really, for neurotypical children.  It seems to me that if you are a child that has sensory processing issues, social communication difficulties and rigid thinking (no, it’s not of their choosing…) then they can perhaps be little better that a living hell for 6 hours a day.  And that is just school.  Managing every day life can also be difficult.  Many are exposed to levels of stress that they are unable to manage every day, and until this is addressed it is seems to me that a significant proportion may develop an anxiety related disorder.

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