When is a Stim-Toy not a Stim-Toy?

Autism and expectations

There’s been a lot of talk about annoyance at the main-streaming of stim-toys like fidget spinners.

It seems like every child I know has one. In some ways it’s been lovely seeing something designed for Neurodiverse people, being taken up by the mainstream. But then came the inevitable backlash, because it’s a loophole in many schools’ policies on toys. Toys aren’t allowed, but this is a stim-toy, they are allowed.

How can one object be two very different things? Well, it’s all down to the brain using them.

I want to explain how I work, what techniques I use to keep this overactive brain of mine under control.

Picture an evening in the Rhi-household. The kids are in bed, Mr Rhi and I are pretending that there isn’t any washing up to do right now, and taking a moment to collapse.

Then we realise that we were going to discuss…

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