Why I’m still hiding my Asperger’s / autism from some people 

the silent wave

In the grand scheme of my life, my knowledge of my Neurodivergent neurological orientation is still fresh-ish. After all, my awareness of being autistic only accounts for 3% of my lifetime. (I actually did the math, even if I did some rounding so that I could work with nice, simple numbers on my mobile’s rudimentary calculator.) 😉

Despite the comparatively brief period during which I have known the truth, I feel as though I’ve hit a warp zone, plunging myself into another nook or cranny of the world. There are some things you can’t un-know, nor would I want to, even if I could.

That’s not to say that these new lenses don’t come with some fine print of their own. I’m reaching the realization that nothing is inherently black or white, soft or hard, warm or cold. It just is. And that’s OK.

That doesn’t mean that it’s easy…

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