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Cannabis Review | Ep. 3: Korova Cookies

16712051_10154216901752823_462477995365247833_nIn this episode, Eve is learning there is a downside to smoking cannabis. That is, it really sucks when you have a cold. How does one battle the nasty, lung invasion while attempting to puff, puff, pass? Solution: Cookies.

Over at the #SchoolofBadass, this episode’s teacher gets a rowdy bunch of students. After a self-care smoke break, teach gets back to the lesson of CBDs.

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Cannabis Strain Review | Ep. 2: Mango Fire

15966268_10154126975047823_1877066604699105751_nIn this episode, Eve blasts off to the #SchoolofBadass. First lesson, THC.

Well, that’s if Eve, er, the teacher, can say any of the words right. She also reviews the cannabis strain Mango Fire via Blackbird Botanical Deliveries.

Things get rather creative when the meds hit the body.

Yup. They sure do.

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Cannabis Strain Review: Ripped Bubba

Strain: Ripped Bubba | 60% indica-dominant hybrid of Pre-98 Bubba Kush with sativa, Jack The Ripper.

Mental Wellness: Lots of anxiety relief without getting stuck in the couch. Really impressed with the specific relief of anxiety. It dropped my everyday baseline — something I didn’t realize was so high-key. Wow. Incredible for that. Will try it again before an event and see how it does with my social anxiety and update here.

Also, definite mood boost in a positive, rather happy manner. After awhile I did get sleepy and take a nap. For me this is a good thing. Continue reading Cannabis Strain Review: Ripped Bubba